How Friedman’s ” The world is flat” fits into spirituality

See, the course of my life has taken me to a whole new understanding of the soul. For the past week or so I have been living my life in a partially flat world.

Just as Friendman explains, the flattenning of the world is the outsourcing of tasks, opportunities and more bluntly: jobs to areas of the world that couldn’t have been touched before the expansion of technological power. This outsourcing reduces costs to the company choosing this option, yet brings an improvement financially to the employee that the work has been outsourced to.

As little as my overwhelmed mind may understand, I can relate, even superficially, to the flattening theory of Friedman. My world has expanded and grown through the use of technology, so much over the past 4 years…I am now able to keep close to my soul all the people I love.

I don’t know if it is spirituality that has helped me achieve a stable state of mind and a happy inner me…or the flattening of the world that just gives me the projected protection of all those that love me. Most often, people don’t need much. They just need silent support. Trust, respect, consideration. Not actual help, advice or effort.

So, I guess the flat world has brought me a lot of faith. Faith in God, destiny, in the course of my life. And now, as I have been living in a partially flat world for the past week or so( something I thought I couldn’t do, as since the age of 12 I have always kept in contact through multiple media devices) I conclude that this flattening has enabled me to live presently, even in spite of it. I can live in an unflat world, without touching those I love,  living on the faith that I have built over time, that wherever I am, whomever I am with, whatever may be happening, the people who love me, still exist, and I will be alright no matter what.

So in the end, this “flattening”, helps even in the outsourcing of the matters of spiritual self. Once you outsource your fears, dreams and limitations you become able to have an internal freedom that comes with gratitude, love and faith.

Not bad for passionate economics…or as Friedman puts it ” compassionate flatism”.


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