Mother of women

Dedicated to my friend,  Jennifer Perrin, a woman of character, strength and genuine beauty, inside-out. Thank you for being part of my life.

There’s a woman I’ve admired

She keeps going although tired…

She’s a force stronger than life

She’s the one light chose to wife.

She’s the one that silenced here

Burning it within my ear;

She’s the one I’ve loved with might

one that’s here throughout the plight,

There’s no colours she can’t see

energy that she can’t be,

and she suffers as she walks

sprouting love within her talks…

“Baby girl, you are my life

Mommy’s here,  erasing strife, “

And your mommy’l make you proud

Once the acid leaves her cloud. 

Woman of a thousand suns

outshining the greatest ones

There’s a future making way

with the beauty  that you pray. 


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