Even though my heart

needs to stand still, there’s still a part

Of the soul that knows the truth…

Seconds ticking off my youth.


Just remember as I prayed

Prayed for feelings you dissuade

And remember as I go

I loved you, that you should know.


There’s a place and time for all

Time has passed and place is small,

As I open my eyes to hear

A projection, nothing dear…


And I long for what I saw

For the man who had no flaw,

I’ll just long for what he wasn’t

I’ll just feel all that he doesn’t.


These nine women can’t be held

Apprehended or impelled.

They’re not here to play a part

To ornate like they’re just art…


These nine women are a force

with creation from the source

They will reach, divide, conquer

Shatter any saboteur!


So, I bid goodbye, my life.

I can’t be playing your wife.

I can’t stay without the space

Composing a me of grace.


Thus I bid farewell, my love.

There is something that’s above,

all the lust the world can gift:

That is I, and I can’t drift.




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