I don’t know

Through the shadows of my mind

I can’t find one thought that’s kind…

I can’t find the reason why

I’ve not yet said a goodbye.


Nothing’s wrong, nothing’s okay.

Nothing’s wrong, yet I can’t pray.

I can’t find the smile I had,

before thoughts made me so mad…


And I look to understand

Who I am and where I stand,

while I know it matters not

what I’ve lost but what I’ve got.

I know I create today,

I don’t need to know the way,

I just need to keep on going

Ride the air the wind keeps blowing…


Open my eyes to say grace

For there’s love that I embrace,

Plays of life I rejoice in,

lighting marvels from within.


For, there’s nothing I should know…

Nothing to change and nowhere to go.

As I am where I should be…

And the heavens light through me.






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