Bye baby

” There comes that point where you just care, and ration does not enter that.”

In a room darker than fate

In a space he’s always late:

the floor’s full of expectations,

laced in tired aspirations,

Dreams are covered in frustrations…


“Pick the pieces off the floor

Take them with you out the door

She’ll write yet another song

For the space where she’ll belong.


Found the quiet of her heart

as her vices’ shadows part

tears running for the man

Whom the fates refuse to plan…


Interlude of silent exasperation

in her past seeking redemption…

shifts of games for the creation

of the man who’ll bring salvation;


come the day she’ll walk away

deaf to the words to make her stay;

Truth’s not lighting from outside,

Hurting her… is just her pride…


Stifling love of freedom’s sake

Her faced traced in peaceful ache;

and she wonders when she’ll sleep….

when her veins will drain and seep;

When exhaustion will subside,

or her mind will come untied?


Now… she’s facing who she was:

at a time your heart would pause,

time you saw more than her flaws.

Hence, she bows into your light

Giving grace for that you’ve brought:

For the words you never said

For the trust you made and led.

For the patience that you had

For the times she made you mad

For the kindness you impart

For the times you held her heart.


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