I just love you

  •   I just love you

The way you are

  • I just love you

with every single beat of my heart…

and the spaces in between.


I love the way you are

…the way I am around you

without you…because of you.

your hands,

or your thousand different types of restless.


I love your noise in my life and the silence that holds you.

the invention that is yours

the me that belongs in this.


Your mouth and your neck

and the shallow sights between

I love so much and so deeply

and for the first and last time

I love and I give and I want and I need

and I love that I just love you

Even when I hate you

For missing you so much

Even when I hate you

For leaving a void inside me

Even then…I love you.

Even when you’re unlovable.

I still do.


And with every ounce and every breath

I adore every last piece of you

Every piece that’s in my mind

and every piece that’s in my future

and every piece of you that’s missing right now.


And I love the right of this intensity

and the madness you created

the fight trying to reach its peace

the way my blood rushes through my nerves

and the fear of losing even my memory of you.




I love you and everything you love.

I love myself because you do.

Because of the amazement that I am a miracle

in joyful tones of night

where there’s no ego

or need for control

it’s just a feeling that is free

to flicker happily inside me.


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