Here’s the things I dare not say,
for I get lost and can’t allay:
Perfection of a troubled soul,
A man of wisdom and control,
fickle natured child
ill-tempered and wild,
a stronger man than all I’ve known…
He feels no need to have it shown.

I can’t begin to tell you how;
I fail to keep me, I can’t allow
To think of you another way
Than of the holder of my weight.
If every inch I shall make due
body that’s mine, shall you eschew?

The thought of you gives me sense,
That makes me drop all my pretence
If there’s one place I’m really me
It’s next to you, you’ve set me free.
That’s why I keep on coming back
You are the cause I keep this track.

It’s endless…but I’ll wait
The things I love are innate
this perfection of a scary mind
To no avail you need to bind
Your worried soul befall my own
All or naught, I take no loan!


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