I can’t sleep well without your heart,
My mind’s not right when we’re apart,
This bed is cold and oh so mean,
the room seems small and so obscene!
I twist, I turn and can’t abide,
to marry slumber and be its bride.

I can’t react without your skin;
its luster breeds my wits of sin…
Just thinking of your hands’ brush,
in wicked ways you make my blood rush!
Spinning this tree into my core,
A void keeping my will to soar.

I drew a list of all I know
deluding lies that spur my ego
onto a road that leads afar
out of you and what you are:
Perfection of an erratic blue,
a mind feeding on divine dew.

You broke me, I’m here for good,
the mind’s numb, knowing I should,
Refrain my blood from seeking yours
I’ve lost my will and what is worse;
I have no wish to gain my freedom
now that your words become my kingdom.

The fifth has found what she desired,
Sagacious sir,for months admired
to this, to sum off all her past:
schemes she thought were built to last…
Conclude your wings, now they’re hers,
“I cast the spell”, her relish utters.


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