Miracle is a woman

Tell me, years along the line…will you be grateful for all the times she was so much stronger than you?

Will you be grateful for all the times she held you together even though you felt as if you were tearing at the seams?

Will you say ” Thank you” for each time she greeted you with a smile instead of the scold you deserved?

Will you appreciate every single effort she made, even when she felt as if her feet would fall off if she took one more step?

Will you be thankful for all her support, even when the world judged and set you aside? Or will you remember when she trusted you to do better even though all odds were against you?

Tell me, will you say a prayer to reminisce all the times you made her mad, but she held it together…each time she put your life back into place and made it shiny and new?

Each time she fixed everything by the night, just to do it again in the morning…?

Will you see how much she loved you, how much she gave to you, how much amazement she put in you?

Will you say grace for all the times she was wiser and put her ego aside for the sake of your family?
Will you say “thank you” for she was your mother, your lover, your sister, your brother?

For she was a friend, a wife, a stranger and altogether your life?


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