Cedo Nulli

Written on 2008-11-27 10:59:19.

Your mistake, thinking I can’t see;
The filth lying right in front of me!
Try to hide, to run, to lie,
You’re not worth a damn goodbye!

I loved each inch upon your skin,
In you I’d end and I’d begin,
I got lost and gave away…
Forgot my soul and how to pray.

Fine, don’t try to take it back,
Nothing you do will make me crack!
I yield to nothing and no one,
Not to your fist or to your charm!

Don’t shout… I’m not mad at all,
Stand like a man,instead you crawl…
Flowers don’t make me overlook,
The indiscretion you just took.

You’re not the one I yearn,
You make my stomach churn!
That man, you killed, the day you chose,
To take off all her foul clothes.

Don’t dare! Trying to speak his name!
No right is yours, to try to claim:
That past and present are the same!
You’ll find a way to live in shame.

Wretched soul,I’d mourn your loss,
Feeling alive within this chaos…
You tried to kill me for so long;
And all you did was make me strong!


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