Truth is…THIS… is me. I don’t need a lot to be happy. I am a simple woman.

I don’t apologize for it. I am fully aware of what I can do. I am fully aware of my options and all the things I can bring to me/my life.

But this is me. This is enough. I am happy. I am grateful for all that I am, and for the ones that surround me.

I am respectful of my present and thankful for my past. I don’t believe in speaking every thought that comes to mind. In fact, I don’t believe in speaking. More often than not, we are just telling useless stories with an invented pathological dramatic background. It’s unnecessary.

I believe in letting go. I believe in appreciating yourself as a mirror to appreciating the world. I believe there are no limits to what I can do, yet my present is enough.

I believe in staying open to opportunity, but not on planning on it. I believe in loving, without limits or boundaries, I believe in a respect that comes firstly from the one you have of yourself, I believe in space and I believe in miracles.

I also believe that miracles are ordinary things in extraordinary circumstances.

I believe in people. I believe in their capacity for good, for love and appreciation. I believe in choice.  I believe in families.

I believe in men, as pillars for their families. Silent, respectful and strong.

I believe in women. In their wisdom, love and strength.

I believe in life.

I believe in me.


Much love, light and blessings,



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