The Comfort Zone – Train Body & Mind

I’m not talking about comfort in general. Let’s distinguish between the two.

Comfort as a state of peace within yourself and within your life…is much advocated on my part.

Comfort as an excuse to avoid anything new or anything you’ve failed at in the past, is limitation. Limitation comes out of insecurity about something( and every time, if you look really deep, you’ll see it’s an insecurity about yourself. You’re not good enough, you can’t do that, something like that doesn’t happen to people like you etc etc – you’ll find you’re very good at finding excuses when you are scared to do something).

I don’t believe in failure either. Yes, we may be crass and judge things as failure, but most often that’s just our own conditioning, our own internal limitations, LIMITATING our view of the world. I believe in experience.

The most beautiful people I have been blessed to know, have passed through so many so-called failures, I wouldn’t be able to keep count. Still, they are here today. They’ve blossomed. They lead amazing lifestyles. They are humble about it, because they understand it doesn’t matter. Life is experience. If you paint it into notions, it’s good and bad. But life isn’t, and has never been, black and white. It’s full of colorful grays. At the end of the day, it’s always up to us what we see out of it.

Choosing.Loving. Trusting.

Never setting a limit for yourself. Being your number one supporter and believing in yourself. Never comparing yourself to others.

I don’t believe in competition. I believe in focus. Focusing on yourself. Doing your best. As much as you can. Omitting the world. The world goes on without your attention. 🙂

Loving. Admiring. Appreciating. Empathising when you can’t understand.

Judgements should be left as thoughts of that moment, not carried home. You’re just limiting yourself for the future.

I made a vow some years ago and I’ve kept it to this day. I love people. I believe in their good nature. I’m not naive, and I know people don’t always make right choices, just as I know that I don’t need to accept, tolerate, condone anyone’s actions just because I love them.

However, I still believe that in spite of their insecurities, own set of limitations and expectations, people are amazing. I haven’t been proved wrong yet. The only time I’ve been disappointed was when I had expectations because I didn’t understand people must have their own set of experiences and follow their own journey.

I don’t believe in expectations either. We judge things by our very limited experiences. Expecting someone to react a certain way just because you think that’s how things should be, is basically as logical as expecting a Santa to fly on Easter day on a camel to leave presents in your stockings.

The Comfort Zone Is Not So Comfortable.

It’s more your mind persuading you that you ” can’t”. Just as you train your body, train your mind. There is only “I can”. Now. Here. You have enough, now,  to make “I can” happen.

Don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

Remember at the gym when you were so exhausted you thought you couldn’t manage another repetition of your excercise and then, by some miracle, you pushed one more? You just proved “I can’t” wrong. You can.

If you can do one, imagine what you can do if you train your mind just like you train your body.

Much love, light & blessings,



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