Tides of a child

With a hand he hides the truth
With the other he relieves
As the words seemingly soothe
What he’s hiding up his sleeves

Shying smiles of graced content
truth itself can’t bring repent;
Swallows whole his pride and vain
Just to spit out more disdain;

So he fathoms trust in none
Second seeping venom’s son
And she lays and watches still
Without fears of his will

She has seen many insane
affording to shun their pain;
She embraces his distress
Covering with love his stress

‘Take my hand, Llewellyn’s child
I’ll protect that which is mild
In the blue your eyes reflect
Through a world where you project

Dreams where ego tangles pride
Where the smiles are nought but snide
Where compassion matters little
Where warmth seems as though it’s brittle.’

Her words kind, smiling content
Trusting life to break her fall,
As his fear brings torment,
While she shines over them all
She chose peace to lead her way
Banished doubts to better pray,

Calm to wash out all his dread;
Comfort to clean thoughts misled
Courage footing her embrace,
Clearing darkness and its trace.

Her words dance a happy song,
Telling him he will belong,
If he lets the venom slip,
All his ego …he must strip.


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