Paradise lost

For you, my love: you’ve loved and lost,

You’ve been damned, and you’ve been tossed;

Yet there’s nothing you can’t do,

Nothing life’s not put you through;


There are times you lose the way

times you see only dismay;

and every wish, you close your eyes

wishing air into our lives…

we lost the us , we went astray,

What was a color now is grey.


And out of fright the sorrow seeps

restless hearts and heartbeat leaps,

shallow sounds that come to mean

nothing more than in betweens…

Without you love, paradise’s lost

nothing bears a greater cost.


My life, my love, my heart

nor heaven, nor earth, will ever part

losing yourself in me once more,

resting your soul onto my core;

the moment you break all of your fears

You’ll open curtains made of tears,

re-build yourself, that I implore,

into the man whom I adore

the man I’ve sought so hard and long

the one’s who’s words can do no wrong

the smoking whispers of our eyes

complicity of our love’s wise

retort of grandour and reflect

as we create, so we collect.


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