Thank you for sharing

There are so many acts of kindness and generosity that have composed our worlds and which fuel our present that we sometimes fall behind on gratitude.

We overlook the important, in favor of the uncontrollable.We spin ourselves into a tangle in our thoughts.

This is a post of gratitude. A post of gratitude that, in spite of all we fail to recognise within ourselves and those around us, random acts of kindness do not stop, falter or fail.

Gratitude for the love that is received is a ten fold of the one we put out. A post of gratitude for the amazing souls that have laid their egos at their feet, covering themselves with the wisdom that they are, in spite of what they think.They are in spite of their beliefs, their worries, their circumstances or their labels. And they are perfect.:)

Gratitude for limitations are a matter of choice.Gratitude that kindness is a strength. Gratitude that transparence allows flow without expectations, rules and no explanations are ever required.

Lastly, but not least, gratitude for the many beautiful individuals within my own world, for they have graced me with their affection, kindness and wisdom, have gifted me with their sincerity and opened their worlds to my own. Thank you. Thank you for sharing.


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