non attached love

We define people. We define circumstances. YET WE KNOW NOTHING.

We define others to fit them into our worlds, our dreams, our aspirations. To fit them into our expectations. We love them within those self-created bounds. We project our concepts onto them. We love within our many assumptions and we fall apart at the realisation that they don’t conform to our definitions.

Non attached love. When you love others without expectation you love them because you can create that feeling within yourself. It’s not about them at all. It’s a choice to love someone. And you’re not attached to them… And then you love in a way that is mind-shattering and frigid at the same time. They can walk away, nothing inside you changes. Nothing stirs. And you don’t question yourself. You don’t question the world. Everything is as it should me.

Loving within limits is seeking a form of approval from the world that the world can’t provide you with. It is seeking to fit somewhere on Maslow’s scales when that ladder is never constant. We want to conform in an effort to find a comfort that never comes.

We define circumstances in our efforts to fit them in our limited understanding. Everything is centered in you. Choices are yours. When you understand this, judgements change from external to internal. Choices become based on your inner knowledge rather than external fears. And you exist in spite of any feeling you may have. Life goes on in spite of any drama that you may create. Nothing is limited. Nothing is comparable, disputable or unchallengeable. Everything just is. In spite of all you think, fear, feel. In spite of the traps you set for yourself in order to feel bad for breaking your own rules.

We need to learn tolerance towards ourselves before we preach tolerance for others. Trust towards the world.

The pain that seems palpable, almost alive within us is our resistance to the unlimited that is out there.That pain is only a need to control.

Let go. Let go. Let go. Love. You are surrounded. You are good enough already. You are limitless. You can create anything you want. Your desires are not really necessary. Just undress your ego. Address your mind. Believe. Love. Create. Allow your growth. Expand… and simply be.



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