Whenever I think I’m done, in that moment I think I’ve been here before, I’ve lived this deja-vu that seems to endlessly repeat itself…my world shatters into tiny pieces at my feet just to remind me that I know nothing. To remind me that I forget to live and I get tangled in my own expectations.

I dream of this fearless assumption that I know it all. That I actually know what I’m doing. Where I’m going. Truth is I’m just stumbling in awe, pieces of myself crumbling under the sheer light of the amazement to this shifting dance of beautiful faces, lessons that I don’t want to learn and egos I drag alongside my past’s baggage.

I could keep on turning. I could keep on looking. Instead I call on my angels…there’s nothing more beautiful than this moment, right now, right here.

Clarity washes my thoughts and I immerse in a peace so profound everything melts in the presence of this awareness. And nothing matters anymore. And I can hear my angels. And I allow myself to let go of every single thing I’ve learned, imposed on my heart and made effort with.

Much love all


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