Define reality

I can’t say this often enough to people around me: ” Be your number one supporter.” The world is not controllable. Your perception of the world is. You mirror everything around you. You want a better world? Shift your perception of it.

In the beginning it will be uncomfortable, we’re so used to self-criticism, to doubt and to victimization. And it’s going to hurt like hell to let go of all that wall you so patiently built over the years. All that wall does is tell you you’re not responsible for your life. It’s your parents’ fault, your government’s, your conditions weren’t optimal…it’s going to be soul-wrecking to face up to the responsibility that it’s only you. You. Come back to yourself. It will be scary. But it will be worth-while.

Believe in yourself. You deserve this. Be kind to yourself. Be patient. Push through it.

It will feel uneasy to keep encouraging yourself. It will feel fake. And the only reason this feeling is there is because society conditions us to believe a healthy ego reduces an individual to selfishness. It doesn’t. It makes the world fairer. It is one less individual blaming the world for their circumstances. It’s one individual taking action instead of complaining. It’s the momentum behind the world’s success.

Confidence stems random kindness to others too. You are no longer judging with your ego. It’s no longer important if you are right or wrong, because your priorities change.You no longer fight, you work as a team. Someone else’s success is subject for admiration, and not envy. And that’s because…inside yourself, you already know you’re good enough.

And for every challenge you face you will come back to your number one supporter, yourself. That’s not something any circumstance can change. It’s something your choice can.

Be kind to yourself.

Stay blessed,



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