It’s [not] all about me?!

I know we all find it hard to fathom that the Sun doesn’t spin around the Earth because we’re on it, just like we find it hard to understand that what others do and how they react doesn’t really have anything to do with us. We want so very bad to be right, and we want this “being right’ so dearly, it comes at the expense of our present. We’re so very wrapped up in proving ourselves, we forget to live right here, in this moment, as it is.

I’m not about to say anything new, but I think it bears repeating from time to time: Life exists in spite of our little egos and many torid tantrums, in spite of our eternal seeking approval which is never quite approving enough, and in spite of whatever we want to believe, be it beliefs about ourselves or about others.

We forget to live among the right notions in life – we place the responsibility of our happiness on others and with it, we give up the choice to be happy.

We ask if we are good enough – and we seek labels that would brand us to that validation – and with this we drown a freedom that’s been here all along.

And we want the Sun to rise and set at our mere whims as a testament not of our power, but as solid proof that we are needed, irreplaceable, secure.

And then, then we worry, we worry enough as if a world’s on our shoulders, because sometimes we just like to pretend we’d have that strength to carry it all.

We pretend so much that the Sun does rise and set at our whim we forget to see what’s really here – an incomplete image of others trying to carry the world on their own. We fail to see the genuine in our lives in an effort to run after dreams we don’t need. Or really want.

But maybe, just for today, we could let the world carry its own weight, make its own rounds around the Sun, and just be blissfully present.


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