Architect of flaws

People are beautiful. So many of us walk around clothed in our fear, shying away from the miracles we can create.. yet we have so many worlds inside of us. People are limitless,  their limits are only self imposed. Not always consciously.

People are amazing. We are all blessed with the power to birth miracles and create whatever we are ready for. We are all gifted, some of us just see it better than others.

People are extraordinary. Even when they’re afraid. We don’t realise we create our fears and carry them around out of habit. We often fall into a comfortable uneasiness, and if we are there long enough it becomes a familiar, convenient and such a big part of a limiting identity.

Change is a blessing. Fear is a blessing. Hurt is a blessing. Anything that takes you outside your comfort zone propels you into greatness and challenges you to become more. People are beautiful in so many ways outside of what is visible to our naked eye.

And some people, some people…some people architect flaws within themselves because they aren’t ready to see their own light. They aren’t yet prepared to face how beautiful they are. And it’s soul wrenching to watch and life changing to witness. Heartbreaking and endearing to see they can manifest so many wonders but are unable to accept what’s beautiful within themselves.

I love people. We are so very blessed. So very, very blessed.



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