Weaving space

Weaving space between my thoughts

To untangle messy knots,

For a night that’s bound to be

filled with feelings that are alive and free;


No matter how many colours I invoke

I can’t feel the hands, the rhythm of their stroke

My voice is hoarse, I can’t call my angels to evoke

A frenzy which hungered for each word you spoke.


No matter how much I look for your voice

I can’t fill this space with anything but noise


Sounds dispersed, feeling immersed

In every part of me, lost in a sea…

..of wonder, late nights, and what we had

Thunder, withering lights, and memories that make me sad


I’m a fool for you and the things you do

..and you knew…that you are what I come to;


I feel so many colours inside my heart

Choices I make that set me apart

I move mountains to birth a miracle

To live a story that is lyrical.


There are no questions to be asked

Or fears to be set aside

there is just a peace that lives serene

And a wonder that accompanies my stride.











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