Paint the colours you want to see

Paint colours you want to see

Live the person you want to be;



Let your frights sit on their own

Let them fear the light you shone;

Colour hard outside the lines

And your heart will see the signs;



Breathe in miracles inspired

From the love you’ve so desired;

Let it happen as it should

Let it be – let it be good;


Trust your path, my love, my life;

Trust the power drawn from strife

Trust the magic in your hands

Trust that life’s beyond your plans;


Let it sound among your veins

Let it weave all of your strains

Let them bind your pains as one

Let them as a thread be spun

Just to grab and pull apart

lose it all and open your heart.









Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, a man with a 40 year career under his belt, wrote “Winning” as a compelling management guide for those wanting an in-depth look into what success is and how it can be achieved.

Now, besides the fact that I concluded that Jack’s recommended system on finding great employees is basically my way of picking a date, I realised also that what Welch highlights most in his book is actually a self-development/spirituality basic: attitude. Eckhart Tolle, Ramana Maharshi, Robert Adams, Jack Canfield and many other motivational speakers, spiritual leaders and similar types have stressed all the points Jack makes in his book, albeit, his approach being from a business perspective rather than a spiritual one.

Attitude improvement is the first thing you learn about when you start self-development. You learn that the world is limitless and your attitude is the only thing limiting your options. You heard me, your attitude limits your options. And most of the time your attitude draws on your ego, on this fragile self-image we all try to build in our minds over the course of our lives in the effort to build a comfort zone,  to feel special, needed, wanted, irreplaceable. But all that’s all non-sense.

You continue to go on even if you are replaced, not needed, wanted etc, and quite successfully I would say, as long as depression doesn’t become your imaginary BFF.

Of course, he emphasises that talent, experience & expertise are important, but the chances of winning without the right attitude are severely diminished. The right mind-set isn’t important just because happy people are nice to have around, rather that when a situation becomes challenging that individual perseveres in the face of adversity. Fear is crippling. And when you understand that fear is nothing but your own internal limitation you start seeing the world from a different angle. Your self-confidence grows immensely under this realisation. It grows because if you come to the conclusion that your happiness is solely your choice you realise how blessed you are. When you realise how blessed you are you no longer fight the world in an attempt to show how special you are, you support the world because you understand this blessing comes with the responsibility of helping others find their own way too. It is a circle of self-esteem, self-awareness and giving back.

Thing is, although for some of us that self-esteem is cultivated from an early age, for those less fortunate, self-confidence it is a habit-harnessing system that we knowingly put in place in order to build and sustain it.

It is a choice we make to act as the holders of our own lives and not the victims of our surrounding circumstances. It is a letting go practice of everything that is outside our control and a transparent way of being. I say transparent as Jack talks a lot about candour, and while he obviously refers to its role in business, candour applies as a general attribute to all the successful individuals I have known over the course of my existence. Successful individuals understand that the best way to tackle a situation is to make it as simple as possible.

Transparency as I call it, and candour as he does, has the ability to do just that: untangle the knots of any one situation, be it in business or your personal life. And once you know what you are dealing with you can finally make a choice on how to move forward.

All in all, Jack’s “Winning” extends far beyond business, into the realm of winning in life.


SkydivingWhat do you smell?

What do you hear?

What do you sell?

What do you fear?

Lusting shadows in my mind

I feel you when I am blind,

feel you right inside my soul

Lost to fever, no control…

See what you see

Feel what you feel

Today you’re free

Undress beliefs that just conceal

this little brink of endless paradise;

Feel with your hands

… hear with your eyes

Erase all plans…

Let your soul rise…

It’s gonna be you, gonna be me

Be everything, a passing truth

will be a place where we agree

on the passion of our youth

will be prose in rhyming thoughts

where we’ll be taking all our shots.

It will be you, it will be me,

it will be the place we will just be.

Define reality

I can’t say this often enough to people around me: ” Be your number one supporter.” The world is not controllable. Your perception of the world is. You mirror everything around you. You want a better world? Shift your perception of it.

In the beginning it will be uncomfortable, we’re so used to self-criticism, to doubt and to victimization. And it’s going to hurt like hell to let go of all that wall you so patiently built over the years. All that wall does is tell you you’re not responsible for your life. It’s your parents’ fault, your government’s, your conditions weren’t optimal…it’s going to be soul-wrecking to face up to the responsibility that it’s only you. You. Come back to yourself. It will be scary. But it will be worth-while.

Believe in yourself. You deserve this. Be kind to yourself. Be patient. Push through it.

It will feel uneasy to keep encouraging yourself. It will feel fake. And the only reason this feeling is there is because society conditions us to believe a healthy ego reduces an individual to selfishness. It doesn’t. It makes the world fairer. It is one less individual blaming the world for their circumstances. It’s one individual taking action instead of complaining. It’s the momentum behind the world’s success.

Confidence stems random kindness to others too. You are no longer judging with your ego. It’s no longer important if you are right or wrong, because your priorities change.You no longer fight, you work as a team. Someone else’s success is subject for admiration, and not envy. And that’s because…inside yourself, you already know you’re good enough.

And for every challenge you face you will come back to your number one supporter, yourself. That’s not something any circumstance can change. It’s something your choice can.

Be kind to yourself.

Stay blessed,


Alexander the great

Dedicated to my brother, with all my heart and love:

Amidst the chaos

you keep your peace;

within the torrents

you bring release…

Flashing waves of fierce descent

Growing wonders of your present;

Divine is the calm found in your heart

Divine is the willing to share, blessed to impart

Divine is the child I’ve witnessed to grow

Into this man I’m so proud to know;

For his piercing blue eyes or crystal clear mind

Could have bred arrogance, yet he chose to be kind

for many were obstacles in the life of this child;

Many were storms to help him grow wild;

Few could have mustered such thundering pain;

Few would choose light instead of disdain.

…yet amidst all my chaos

you keep your peace

and you shelter our storms

and bring us release.